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Birth Doula Description:

As a Doula I am here to assist the family in the journey of welcoming a new life. By providing support through encouragement, knowledge, and advocacy for MOM. I am trained to help find the elements that will provide a positive birth experience for parents. We work together in finding coping styles trailered for the family to feel equipped, confident, and in welcoming their new baby. My goal is to help make this a memorable, and empowering birthing experience. At Delva-Doulas your experience is important and I take pride in the services provided.

From 7 weeks prior birth through the delivery of your newborn:
You are priority and you have access to me via phone call/text throughout your entire pregnancy. My hours are personalized to your needs. Your estimated due date governs my on-call status for your birth.
You will receive one prenatal home visits per week. Reviews of birth preferences and childbirth basics, practice comfort techniques for labor, receive breastfeeding guidance, and we will build a great environment to welcome your child.

You will receive continuous care throughout the process of delivery. The laboring woman will have me by her side while providing continuous physical and emotional support. Partner involvement is fully encouraged! Your birth story can be captured from your device. I can take photos if only it is requested by the parents only.
​Will receive up to an hour postpartum assistance:
Once your baby has arrived safely into this world, I provide breastfeeding/lactation support followed up by a lactation consultant.

Follow Up: Within one week of delivery I offer one postpartum home visit. This includes an assessment of latching, breast care, and recovery of mom. We will discuss concerns, any additional support and adjustment needed for the family.

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