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As a doula, I may be the only person at the labor besides your partner, who is there solely for the family’s emotional well-being and advocating for what you want. The nurse, the doctor, and the midwife have other priorities that compete with the emotional care of the woman, for example, breaks, shift changes, clinical responsibilities, office hours, and hospital policies. As a doula, I have few or no other priorities. I remain through shift changes until after the baby is born. I am not just another stranger with the couple. My focus is on you and ensuring you and your birthing partner’s needs are priorities.

More confidence

We will turn your challenges into opportunities and conquer your way authentically and powerfully. Transform your challenges into opportunities by taking action, for I specialize in high-risk pregnancy.

Discover yourself

I will help you learn more about yourself and make positive changes through your birthing journey. It is a process that involves setting goals, exploring options, and taking action to achieve exactly what you want as a parent.

Your Challenges

There is no challenge we can’t overcome that comes to you in the birthing journey! Providing you with evidence-based resources, dealing with complex opinions, biased decisions, or last-minute choices – whatever it is, you and I can plan for a healthy and safe delivery.

I'M DeAnna WELCOME ...

My passion is to help you discover and craft the life that speaks to your soul. I am devoted to providing inspiring workshops and coaching programs that empower you with strategies for achieving a heart-centered existence tailored uniquely around who YOU are.
My mission is always clear – enabling simple methods so you can gain clarity on what YOUR ideal birth experience looks like, allowing discussion and birth planning to implement your true desires. Together, we will create an atmosphere of positivity as we work toward crafting the best birth and postpartum experience just for You!

Elite Doula Service

Providing the #1 Doula service

I provide Doula services to high-profile clients such as Pro-Atletes, Local official members, Other Clinical Providers, High-risk Families, IVF Families, and More…


The only Doula Service you need for your Family!

Let’s find out what you need and how I can help you. We all know how tough it is to stay on track when life gets stressful. But you can overcome any challenge with the right mindset and a little help. That’s where delvadoulas comes in. I work with you to develop the strength and resilience you need to have a healthy and safe delivery, no matter what challenges come your way.

Free 15 min Consultation

Do you have any questions about the offer or are you currently facing a birth challenge? Then let’s find out together how I can support you and which offer is right for you.

1:1 Coaching

Do you have any questions about the offer or are you currently facing a challenge? Then let’s find out together how I can support you and which offer is right for you.

Online-Childbirth education Course

Do you have any questions about the offer or are you currently facing a challenge? Then let’s find out together how I can support you and which offer is right for you.

Put your life first


Fairy Tale Therapy allows you to:

Right at the beginning of our meeting, you will explore your deep and current needs in the relaxing guidance. That is the focus of the day. You then explore, deepen and realize your perceptions internally. You also perceive your 4 clear and simple realization steps, with which you can then realize your wishes at home in everyday life and at work in the perceived way.

Positive thoughts

Dissolves useless, energy- sapping behavior patterns and replaces them with positive thoughts and feelings.

Possibilities and abilities

clarifies bottlenecks and leads over thresholds that show possibilities and abilities to deal with difficult problems.

The clarification to harmonize

is knowledge- promoting and at the same time creates security and basic trust.

The clarification to harmonize

a life or professional situation that is a hindrance to your development or your success.

What is fairy tale therapy?

What is the goal of fairy tale therapy?

The strengthening, fulfilling and exhilarating goal is:
coming to terms with yourself and making peace. This allows you to experience yourself whole, whole and complete.

So you can reconcile yourself with your fate. This will give you an overview and sovereignty over your everyday and professional life.

This happens in the deep encounter with the VERY INNER PRESENCE. With YOUR HELP you will discover, strengthen and harmonize the 4 areas of life:

This enables you to live your life naturally, responsibly and truthfully.


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