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Different Kind of Doulas

  1. Miscarriage Doula

    Losing a pregnancy can be a heartbreaking experience. A miscarriage doula helps people cope with the emotional and physical aftermath of pregnancy loss and often provide ongoing support for future “rainbow” pregnancies and births.

  2. Indigenous Doula

    This is another all-encompassing type of doula here! An indigenous doula is here to accomplish advocacy that ensures indigenous people’s cultural practices are carried out in every trimester of childbearing, including the fourth. They also make sure they have a positive overall experience, given the fact that so many minority pregnant people do not have the most positive birthing experiences.

  3. Bereavement Doula

    A bereavement doula supports families dealing with grief and loss due to a miscarriage, stillbirth, adoption loss, surrogacy loss, terminal diagnosis, or other pregnancy-related bereavement. They also often provide support during subsequent “rainbow” pregnancies.

  4. Death Doula

    Also sometimes called an “end of life doula,” a death doula offers emotional, spiritual, physical, and logistical support to people who are dying. In many cases, their work also includes assisting families and other caregivers before, during, and after the loss.

  5. Birth Doula

    Also known as a “birth coach” or “birth companion,” a birth doula provides comprehensive non-medical support to birthing people (and often their partners and families) before, during, and immediately following childbirth.

  6. Postpartum Doula

    A postpartum doula focuses on a very important aspect of pregnancy: the aftermath. Childbirth may feel like the finish line of pregnancy, but it’s also a new beginning. Postpartum doulas support parents and newborns through the “fourth trimester” and all the changes to their lives, bodies, and families.



  1. Fertility Doula

    More and more people trying to get pregnant are seeking fertility treatments. However, even if you have never sought out fertility treatment, one thing the mainstream dialogue around the topic has taught us is that it’s not an easy process. With that in mind, fertility doulas offer support to clients individually and with their families. Similar to every other type of doula, they provide resources, knowledge, and in some cases physical support.

  2.  Sensuality/Sexuality Doula

    While the concept is rather new and seems to be carried by self-proclaimed sensualist and sexuality doula, I believe this is one of the most necessary types of soul experiences. heir duties include the following: To educate, facilitate, support, guide, and hold space for folks who are ready to step out of shame, confusion, and fear within their sexuality and want to come into authentic expression of their sexual, sensual selves—whatever that looks like for them.”

    A sexuality expert could potentially be helpful to people wanting to be pregnant because the way we view sex and our bodies during and after pregnancy can be largely associated with the shame we’ve been taught—this is why I stand by it being one of the most imperative, overarching categories of service offered by a doula.

  3. Adoption Doulas 

    You can reach doulas who serve families in the transition of fostering or adoption based on location.  Here is a resource for those doulas both in and out of the United States. US, Africa and Canada.



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