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What is Placenta Encapsulation?

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Placenta encapsulation is a safe and natural way to help your body recover from pregnancy. It’s a process that involves dehydrating the placenta, then grinding it into tiny pieces and putting those pieces into capsules. After you ingest the capsules, your body will reabsorb the nutrients within them, helping you recover quicker from childbirth.The placenta is made up of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and hormones that can help with postpartum recovery.

The most important ingredient in placenta capsules is DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), which helps with brain development and eye health; it also boosts energy levels and reduces stress.

Other nutrients found in placenta capsules include the following: calcium (for bone health), iron (for anemia), vitamin B12 (for red blood cell production), folate (also known as folic acid or vitamin B9) (for red blood cell formation) and vitamin C (for wound healing).


Why would I want to consume my placenta?

There are many reasons why someone might take their placenta in capsule form. There is anecdotal evidence that consuming your placenta helps with postpartum depression, and many people choose to consume their placenta for the potential health benefits, including but not limited to improved sleep and energy levels; other individuals choose to get their placenta encapsulated because they want to feel closer to their baby.


How does it work?

Placental tissue contains many nutrients, including iron, progesterone, and choline—all essential nutrients for a mother postpartum. Your body absorbs these nutrients through the digestive tract after you take them in capsule form.


If you’re looking for resources on placentas and placenta encapsulation, or something related, I have a vast lending library for my mamas. Here’s a list of my few!

The Placenta Cookbook
by Skye McDonald
It’s a great introduction to the topic of placenta encapsulation, and it tells you everything
you need to know about how it works and why it’s so beneficial for your health.

Placentas: A Natural Remedy for Pregnancy Pain
by Carrie Mancuso
This book is more focused on how placentas can help with pain during pregnancy,
which is something that most people don’t know about when they think about using
them as medicine. It’s also got some great recipes in it that are really easy to make!

Placenta: An Owner’s Guide
by Amy Herrmann and Megan O’Brien
This one’s a little bit more technical than the other two, but it’s still very readable—and it
has some really interesting insights into how our bodies use placentas during pregnancy
and postpartum recovery!

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