Doula Services

come to gain your voice feel safe and loved.

Birth Services

The powerful live prenatal sessions occur three times before delivery, about 60-70 minutes. Here, we deal intensively with the wants and needs of parents, mindset, inner peace, and relationships. Instead of gray theory, we start directly into practical implementation with evidence-based information. So that you can take action and actively work on your birth plan and provide you with my support through a client-centered model with you being my only focus.

Personal care

You start your journey with a free 1:1 15-minute prenatal consultation so that you benefit from the personal support from the very first minute. In addition to three prenatal visits, the doula service Journey also includes one postpartum visit and scheduled check-in calls so that you can record your progress and achieve your goals 100%.


Your environment is constantly coming around the corner with essential decisions, and although you may not have always had a plan, you don’t know where to start or where the journey will go!

Do you want to change that so that you feel excellent about your decisions? I would love to help you find answers.

Together, we look at your opinions so that you have more clarity and connection again – without having to turn your whole life upside down.

And you gain that through having me as your Doula.

Doula Services

How Taking Action Can Transform Your Birth

The Magical Power of Taking Action and Transforming Your Birthing Journey. Find lightness and joy through your heart job and create a birth experience that suits you and your wishes! and not other’s Opinions!


Do you deal with these or similar topics?

Your Doula is your very personal sparring partner who listens, questions and meets challenges that arise with you. And sometimes gives you the necessary impetus in a motivating way if you get stuck yourself .


How would Doula services change your life?

Develop a positive MINDSET and discover your true potential. You will receive physical, emotional, and informational support through childbirth education and advocacy during labor, birth, and postpartum. The goal: You have a healthy and Safe Delivery.

There is no challenge we can’t overcome that comes to you in the birthing journey! Providing you with evedence based resources, dealing with difficult opinions, or last minute choices – whatever it is, you and I have the power to plan for a healthy and safe delivery.

Premium Doula Package

And you get that once you hire me as your Doula

Free 15 minutes consultation
Phone/text support
3 prenatal meetings to discuss your
Birth preferences and options, and postpartum planning
Unlimited labor support
1 postpartum meetings to check in and follow up

Your Doula  is your very personal sparring partner who listens, questions and meets challenges that arise with you. And sometimes gives you the necessary impetus in a motivating way if you face birth challenges.

Premium Service


About DeAnna

I am a Full Spectrum Doula specializing in infertility and a
placenta encapsulator providing service through my company DelvaDoulas. My educational background is heavily saturated in science, with experience in complementary healthcare modalities, including nutrition, aromatherapy, and natural comfort measures. I graduated from the University of Texas-San Antonio with a bachelor’s degree in Medical Humanities, concentration in Pre-Medicine. A proud mom of two boys. I love being a doula because I make a living serving families at a remarkable time in their lives. There isn’t a better job I could imagine! Birth and settling in with a new baby are incredible
transitions in our human existence. What could be a bigger one than becoming a parent? Research tells us these memories last a lifetime. As doulas, it’s our job to ease that transition and keep the family’s comfort and emotional needs in mind. We play such a unique role on the perinatal care team!